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Sunday, June 12th, 2016 6:07 PM

Disconnected My Services with no reasonable resolution

Here are the facts;
9/3- Upgraded Internet speed to 45
9/7- Tech came out to connect services. Tech discovered a problem with the wire. Dispatched an engineer to repair the wire. Engineer arrived. Still a problem created a ticket to dig a split pit;but connected my services in the meantime.
9/9- Att contractor came to my residence, dug up the wire. Left a note on the door stating the work would be completed on that day. LOST ALL SERVICES.
Left w contact number: Called the number; No answer!
I called Att technical support; who informed me that I needed to make an appointment with a tech to come out and the only available time was from 1-4pm.
But why didn't the contractor
1- call me and state my services would be out.
2- work with att to get this problem resolved.
6/10- Tech comes out. Useless
He can not do anything until the Contractor completes his work.
Called Contractor: you need to call Att and request a new technician to repair he wire... STILL NO SERVICE.
Spoke with Tech Support Supervisor: Useless. We can't get anyone out there today and I don't know when it will be repaired! Frustrated customer as I have my internet, home phone, cable and wireless with Att.
Spoke with a manager: no one knows anything but you have hired this contractor to dig in my yard and disconnect my services!!!!
Really considering cancelling! Not because I don't like he service, but because the ball was Dropped and No one seems to care or understand the urgency of me not having any Services as a result of their poor actions.
Also- please tell your techs to stop giving out their number if there is a problem because once they leave. Their phones go straight to voicemail and they NEVER respond!
Now if you can assist that would be greatly appreciated!

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