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Mon, Jan 16, 2017 5:19 PM

DirecTV charging accounts 2 months later

This is a complaint to AT&T and Direct TV. I have my two accts linked and pay AT&T for both. 2 months ago I had a free upgrade to the Genie DVRs. They replaced both old boxes that I had. I asked about sending the old boxes back and was told more than once "you do not need to send the old boxes back" nor did I ever receive any boxes to send them back if they wanted them. That was November, so fast forward to today, I received my next ATT bill and Direct TV has charged my account 135.00 for non return fee!!!!! So I called and just spent and HOUR AND EIGHTEEN MINTUES on the dang phone just be told that all they can do is credit me 100 now and the rest when I return the dang box!!! Last month Direct TV turned off my service because they said ATT didn't send my payment to them in time when my bill was paid ON TIME. I'VE HAD ENOUGH and looking now to cancel all my service on both my internet and direct tv. Why do I have to pay penalties because of ATT and Direct TV screw up?? TERRIBLE and COMPLETELY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER


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