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Landline Home Phone

Landline Home Phone

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I was charged for a service I never received.

I was charged for HOME PHONE SERVICE for 17 months, during the pandemic and after. I had never requested this service Nor did I receive this service. I was on Auto-Pay so I trusted I was only being charged for my phone (cell) and internet. Due to rising costs, I began to check all my bills to see w




How to disable remote access pickup?

ATT message phone. I set it to not answer, but it still does after 10 or so rings and asks for the remote code.....arrrggh. this then wakes me up and I have to physically unplug the phone. This is getting old. HOW does one disable the phone so that it will not pick up after 10-12 rings and ask fo





Phantom 911

​I have a landline in California. The local police department says that they received a 911 hangup call from my address. We didn't call. The 611 repair number no longer exists. None of the service or help links on work for the landline product and I don't see a way to get the line checked





Lousy Communications from San Diego Engineers.

I've been asking for help to change a pedestal to a hand hole for weeks.  After 5 days of texting someone I finally received an email with 3 AT&t employees copied on it.  After 2 weeks and multiple promises " I'll get you a proposal shortly"  I still don't have a simple estima