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How long can I keep my number in 2020

I have at&t prepaid number with $35 plan. My last payment was on March 2 and I had to make a payment by March 30 to renew the plan. I did not. I’m out

Black listed

Just bought a black listed phone from my sister she had lost it but found it and called at&t to unlock phone but when I look it up still says black li

Prepaid at&t Card balance

I only have 2 cards, 50$ & a 65$ card. With no account. I need too check the balance on each card without scatching off the pin area bc i my ex bought

Removing blacklisted IP for sending text messages to clients through a SaaS application

Hello,It appears our SaaS application's IP or send address has been blacklisted from sending application-based messages to our customers. How can we

Wi-Fi stops working on computer for 1-5 seconds intermitently

I started having this problem a while ago on a computer that never showed this behavior before. I've been unable to fix it for a few months. It really

Data Cost on $2 per day pre paid.

If anyone is using this plan for their cellphone I hope you can answer this.I understand that if I make/receive a call or send a text message I will b

U-Verse U450 package and can't log in to HBO Max

I have the U450 package and I still cannot log in to Max. It says it can't verify my subscription. I have spoken to 3 different customer service peo

Audio Sync issues with new sound bar

Hello, I purchased a new sound bar and almost every channel has the lips lagging behind the audio with the new sound bar. Only an issue with AT&T TV a

Modem/Router upgrade? Lots of devices, poor performance. Help!

I have very limited knowledge so I'm going to list what I know, even though I may not know what it means, and then explain my problem and hopefully so