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Need to transfer my plan to my new SIM

I got a new phone. And came with a new SIM card but I already have a SIM card. I want the new number on the new sim but need my account transfered to

Missed autopay payment

It appears that I missed this month’s auto-payment. I just pay the due online the next day but there’s still no internet and can’t make any phone call

Activate replacement sim and old phone

I lost my phone and have my friends old phone. I got a replacement sim card but the ATT won't let me activate it with my old phone number. ATT phone

access to my bellsouth account

Hello I hope you can help me, I have been trying to access to my account but I keep being sending to a page that say Not found on Accele

Technician didn't show up

I had an appointment to set up my internet and they never showed up but said I wasn't home and I was here all day . I got a call he said his name I sa


The 10gb thay were added to my plan states they can be used with hotspot, but is not working with my hotspot?

Changing my messaging paln

I've been trying to update my messaging plan and it is not allowing me to do so online. It tells me to call their customer service number, which I ha

email password

Changed Password 4 days ago in Myatt, but every since then I can't receive or sent emails from Phone and Desktop email programsBut I can get onto Curr

Direct tv not connecting

When I turn on my direct tv box (secondary, not main dvr) it just keeps flashing connecting and then eventually gives a message that my tv doesn’t sup