Posted Nov 21, 2013
9:12:41 AM
AT&T U-Verse - PS4 Connection Speed REALLY SLOW

I Currently have Uverse and when I downloaded the update via usb from another internet provider it works fine. When I download the update from my place it said it would take 4 hours. I also tried to download the same file on my computer and same thing. I can download everything else on the internet just fine. On my PS4 even Netflix does not dl properly. I talked to a agent at Sony and he said it's related to the service (U-Verse) I wanted to get your thoughts about it and see what else I can do? Was thinking of doing port forwarding to see if that would resolve the issue. Does the 2-Wire modem need a special setting with a PSN network? If this does not get resolved soon I'm moving back to Comcast and bringing my friends with me. Please help!!!! 


This also applies when I download a game update on the PS4 the file is 323MB and said it would take 12 hours???????????




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AT&T U-Verse - PS4 Connection Speed REALLY SLOW
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