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Re: 6 BOXES but can't watch at the same time.

bgoofy1 wrote:

We just had ATT Uverse installed last Saturday …previously, we had DirecTV. I had six boxes installed (1 living room and 5 bedrooms). However, we cannot watch all at the same time even if we’re watching the same channel. 3 boxes watches the same international channel which is not HD but one has to interrupt a TV (disconnecting it) to be able to watch it in their own room. We have 1 DVR that’s suppose to be able to record channels from different rooms but we cannot all watch at the same time. We were told we have 4 HD Streams but I don’t understand why they said we can have up to 6 boxes.



Yes, you can have beyond 6 boxes.


If you are watching something live, that counts as either 1 HD or 1 SD channel (HD streams also can view SD channels. SD streams cannot view HD streams.) However, previously-recorded programming watched OFF the DVR and ONTO another TV use another set of streams.


If you record programming off premium channels such as Starz or HBO, you may want to look into recording during the overnight hours, when your streams may not be as busy.


Be sure that when your TV is turned off that your STB or DVR is also turned off. If the oval-shaped green light is on, then your STB or DVR is also turned on and is receiving a stream. If your DVR is recording something, then you're using at least one stream.