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Re: Confirmed: vip2250 fixes surround sound audio dropouts!

I would also like to confirm that the vip2250 has corrected this issue. I have dealt with this issue after upgrading my Onkyo Receiver about a year ago.


With the vip1225, Digital Stereo channels would consistantly drop in and out and I would have to use the "Stereo" setting for these channels/recordings. Dolby Digital would take 2-3 seconds to "lock" on and turn back on after fast forwarding a dvr show or unpausing live tv. All of these issues are now corrected after upgrading from the 1225.


I have been waiting for a fix for a long time and earlier this week the sound was annoying me and I decided to Google for a fix again. I stumbled onto this thread and immediately called ATT Technical Support. After speaking with them for 30 minutes, they sent me the upgrade box for free with overnight shipping. Today, I can now confirm with all of you and I registered just to post this in hopes more people see this and fix this annoying problem.

I did experience a different issue after installing the new box ( ) and recommend bookmarking this for when you receive your upgraded box.