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Weekly Off-Topic Thread #265

WOW!  Here it is.....early Friday and the week is nearly gone.  We are still dry as a bone here and our drought continues to worsen.  There is a chance of precip. in the forecast for Sunday.  But most of us will believe it when we see it.


Not very cold either.  Walked Alfie a couple of times today with just a light weight hoody and my billed cap.  No sun to speak of.  Too cloudy.


Bad news this past day or so.  My oldest son had a CRT scan done and the report was extensive constriction of cardiac arteries from plaque build-up.  His case is similar to what mine was when I was his age.  Normal blood pressure.....normal cholesterol.....but our family history indicates we have the genetic predisposition for heart problems....and that is one of the worst of the risk factors.  He doesn't smoke either. Has no symptoms....yet.  Now he will be going through a stress test and nuclear scan....then his cardiologist will pronounce the diagnoses.  Don't know what will be necessary.  Perhaps can be controlled with medication.  21 years ago I went through triple bypass, open-heart surgery and it was so successful that I'm still here and doing pretty well as far as the heart is concerned.  Of couse there are other problems.....COPD (pulmonary fibrosis) for one....primarily caused by having to work in close quarters with a lot of heavy smokers all of my working life.  I've never smoked in my life but paying the price for other's addictions.

Now we get to worry about the son.  We have three of them and I've warned them all that something like this could happen and that they should be careful and get regular checkups.  But.....what does a dad know.  Right?


OK.....welcome to the new week, y'all.  Think I'll go see if I can find out what a full night's sleep is like.



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