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Re: Weekly Off Topic Thread #128

Things just seem to keep going down hill here.  We mowed the lawn today.  I do some and Shirley does the rest.  Right now she is physically in better condition than I am.  I really get pooped out after a few rounds.  Anyway....remember when I mentioned that our stupid neighbor to the west of us had sprayed weed killer on his lawn and that all his dandelions started dying within 24 hours.  I thought that was pretty quick.  Well today we looked at our trees, bushes, rose bushes, and my little seedling and discovered that they are wilting.  The new leaves are all hanging there....still green...but very wilted.  On the east side of the house, no problem.  I went over to his house and rang the doorbell.  I asked him what he had used on his dandelions. (keep in mind that it's been a week since he sprayed the yard and you can still smell the stuff)  Turns out he used 2-4D....diluted...but much, much too strong and the mist and fumes must have blown over into our yard.  2-4D is primarily an agricultural weed killer and also used commercially on golf courses, etc.  It has also been associated with non-hogkins lymphoma in humans and other serious diseases.  My Googling came up with the little item that 2-4D is also known as Agent Orange.

Commercial weed killer for residential property often contains very, very small amounts of this stuff.  When I spot spray my weeds it usually takes at least a week for them to even begin to show wilt.  But eventually they disappear.  Well this idiot was impatient so he decided to use the agricultural strength stuff.  Our biggest tree in our front yard is all wilted.  It's a 25 to 30 footer.  Imagine the cost of replacing that one if it dies.  My wife works very hard on her roses and she is just sick about this.  At least her treasured irises don't seem to be affected.  Thank goodness.  I called the nursery for advice and they said the only thing to do is liberally water everything to help the plants flush the poison.  We have a couple of small magnolia trees on the NW corner of our house.  One did not even bloom because of this and the other one looks really sice.  They were not too expensive but the planting fee was expensive.  I'm going to warn my insurance company that there is a problem.  Then I'll let them go after the neighbor.  Anyway we're watering things like crazy.  I'm injecting water 3 ft. under the surface around the big trees.  Sure hope it helps.  I wish this nitwit would move.  Same guy that originally had a girl friend living with him with the german shepherd and the chow-chow mix that attacked both Shirley and me.  The dogs have been gone a long time....the girl too.


OK.  sorry.  I'm done ranting.  Actually, otherwise it was a fabulous day. High of 67.5 deg. under brilliant blue sky.  Wonderful day for working in the yard.

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