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I would like to post the following message so someone doesn't go through what I did for almost two weeks.


I had a bad connection problem and called ATT tech support I was advised that my 2wire router is going out and will need to replace it. I got a new one of the same 2wire router and called ATT and set up. It stayed connected for about 1 hour than started to do the same thing drop connection and try and reconnect constantly. I tried everything ,thinking it was issues other than the router after over a week of constantly trying to figure out what was wrong I called ATT tech and was determined to figure out what it was. After the initial phone computer answers I got to a ATT tech . After I told him my long frustrated story he asked me " did you change the power cord to the new router or did I use the old one?" well I told him I used the old one. He than told me to replace the power cord with the new one. It that was the problem.


Make sure you use the power cord that belongs to the router!!!!