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Re: Wireless Network Interference with Two Machines Running Windows 7 SP1

tpersky wrote:

Hi, Joe,


Oh, the modem is 2Wire 2701HG-B modem / router.  It resides on the second floor, and the kids' PC is on the main floor.  (I'm unable to relocate the modem, because I have a dedicated line into the house for DSL, and the only modular jack for that line is on the second floor.  At least that's what AT&T has explained to me is the set-up.)  Yes, I've restarted it a number of times, since the PC arrived.


There is also an XBox on the home network, which has been online for at least a year.


That's a good question about the property on the Zonet USB device.  I assume that you're referring to the properties under the Advanced Tab?  I'm looking at my laptop's now, and I don't see "Infrastructure."  My laptop's Centrino device is set for "802.11n Channel Width for band 2.4" and "20MHz only."  Is that how I should also set the Zonet device on the PC?





Well, first of all that modem/gateway (2701) is around ten year old technology. Have you had that modem/gateway that long?


Infrastructure/Ad-Hoc settings are located under advanced settings under the network connection profile. Both computers should be set to Infrastructure. Infrastructure wireless networking is for when there is a router and multiple devices connecting to each other. Ad-Hoc wireless networking is for when there are only two devices connecting to each other, like one computer to another, or one computer to a wireless printer.


How is the Xbox connected, wired or wireless?


Although it's sometimes better to have a dedicated line for the modem/gateway due to wiring quality problems within the home, if you have the proper DSL filters for the modem/gateway and your phones, you should be able to hook the modem/gateway to any phone jack in the house.


Another thing I noticed is both the laptop and desktop have "N" capable wireless adapters. The 2701 is "G" only and although your "N" adapters should have no problems connecting to the 2701, you would get a better/faster connection with an "N" modem/gateway. If you're interested, I would suggest the Pace 4111N which you can order from AT&T.





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