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Can't access email account anymore

I have had my free email account for years.  I tried to log on a few days ago and it won't let me. I've tried every suggestion given online through troubleshooting, but no luck. I've tried to talk to someone over the phone, no luck.  I've even chatted online with someone, no luck.  I think I've been hacked. I'm expecting some very important email messages.  Pease help.  This is my primary email address.....

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Re: Can't access email account anymore
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     The first link is in case you believe your email account had been hacked. The second link is in case you still can't access your email you can send a private message to one of our ATTCustomer care representatives, please include your name, email address, phone number and the best time you can be reached.



My AT&T email account may have been hacked, phished, or compromised



Private Message



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Re: Can't access email account anymore

My account has not been hacked or phished - I was logged into my account and then logged out.  I tried to log into another ID and received a message that I could not log in and should contact att.  I then tried to back into my main ID - never have had a problem and received the same message.


it appears that yahoo has instituted some changes that users are not aware of - could you please advise?  I am a free user but the yahoo help desk icon does not respond and so I am stuck without any information.



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Re: Can't access email account anymore

I am seeing a similar issue.  The only way I have been able to see my email on any of my accounts is using Safari on a MacBook.

I have tried Firefox from Linux, Windows and MacOS (all separate machines).  Clicking on Sign-in does nothing.  The news window is also blank.

I tried IE and see the news windows but get the following when clicking on Sign-in:

"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"



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Re: Can't access email account anymore

I'm having a similar problem.  About two weeks ago, I can no longer access email through yahoo - getting a 704 error.  Neither AT&T nor Yahoo folks can seem to figure it out.  I moved houses and now my free email account through yahoo doesn't work.  Which is bizarre because it's not supposed to be tied to an address!  Let me know if you managed to find a solution!

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Re: Can't access email account anymore

I can only log in via webmail. Only get a invalid password error with any email program. Tired of the run around, have tried 4 different email programs, two different PCs. Spare me the "your new rank is" private emails AT&T or the "but if you can send from web mail it is not our problem" comments. That's just being irritating - particularly since the email worked fine up until the 27th of june and I made no changes pre-outage.

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Re: Can't access email account anymore
I have the same issue with my email..ATT will not help but they are the ones causing the issue by forcing an upgrade I didn't want or need. & of course no one @ ATT knows anything and I keep getting the same auto message about having no support for free email.. I'm telling you they just suck.