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Re: Question about U-verse iPad app and home DVR subscription

Thanks for the reply!  When I was looking at the problem, I asked myself the same question regarding whether or not we were communicating with the right box.  So, I went to channel 9301 on the box in the living room and changed the name of the receiver from "U-verse receiver" to "Living Room".   After doing that, I confirmed the MAC address of the iPad was correctly displayed on the "living room" box and I confirmed on the iPad that it was connected to the receiver called "Living room".


Additionally, when I use the remote on the iPad, I can click the red "Rec" button and the red light on the front of the "living room" box lights up, indicating it's recording whatever is on TV at that particular time. I can also use the remote on the iPad to stop the recording and the red light on the "living room" box goes off.


However, I will follow your steps and see what happens.


I'll also look into using the iPhone app instead.