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Re: iOS 6.0 Triple Data Usage on WiFi and 3G
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Hello AT&T and everybody! 


I am joining the ranks here and hoping for some assistance. Like many others I've been with AT&T for over 10 years and after updating 2 iPads to ios6 two weeks ago I am about to exceed my data plans. Please note this has never ever happened before. After doing much research I am confident the iOS update is to blame as my usage habits have not changed.


Is there something that can be done on AT&T end so I am not charged overage fees? I still have two weeks in my billing cycle and cannot afford the hit of overage charges. I understand that the issue itself is Apple's fault, not AT&T. However, what can AT&T do to avoid us customers having to pay for data that we are not responsible for? 


In my phone call to AT&T, the rep told me she has not heard of the issue. Which we all KNOW is not true. I feel like I'm totally getting sandbagged here...


Please help! Thank you for any assistance anybody can provide...


- Ellie 


....and yes, I have turned cellular data off and use wifi whenever possible. 

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