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Re: Anyone seeing high data usage?
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I see the phantom data usage also on my Lumia 920.  It is connected to wifi at my house all evening and night and I have the wifi stay on when the device goes into sleep mode.  From the time I am home until the time I leave the next morning, I get emails and updates like normal.  But on my bill I see where my phone used ATT data at 12:24a to download about 10 megs.  i have stayed up that late and have been using the computer on the same network and the cable connection isn't going down at that time.

If I turn the phone off at night, then the next morning it will use the cell signal first to get all the emails and such before connecting to the wifi.  I never saw this issue with my 900 or my BB9860.


I have considered contacting ATT about it, but I am sure they can't do/say anything since they will want their money anyway i am sure.