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ConnecTech - Terrible Customer Service and Incompetent

I recently contacted ConnecTech regarding slow internet service.  I was charged $49 for their so-called service despite the fact that I was told there would not be a charge if they could not provide any help.  After spending over 4.5 hours (does not include the time spent talking with other AT&T reps before being sent to ConnecTech) on the phone with multiple techs asking the same questions,  I was told that the problem was with my new computer and that they were going to troubleshoot my computer remotely and call me back.  I never received a call back them.  After reading all of the complaints on this board and others, I'm not surprised by this now.  I called AT&T the next day to find out what was going on.  Unbelievably, the AT&T rep ran a test on my connection and was able to determine that the issue was with my connection to my house!!!!  This could have have been determined the previous day if handled properly and over 4.5 hours of my time would not have been wasted.  After reviewing my most recent bill, I was charged the $49 fee for "expert assist" even though they could not help me.  I called AT&T to see about getting my bill corrected.  Of course, the AT&T rep passed the buck to ConnecTech which was fine with me initially.  I was transferred to ConnecTech and eventually spoke with someone who I can barely hear or understand.  She gave me some lengthy, inaudible response that I asked her to repeat several times but could never understand. Essentially, she told me that she understood my frustration but that since I spoke with a tech they had to be paid for their time.  I asked her to credit my account but she refused.  She also wanted to provide me with a direct number to ConnecTech in case I ever had any problems in the future.  I asked her why she thought I would ever want to call them again after they have been so incompetent, rude and unhelpful.  If AT&T had run the proper test at the beginning of my initial call then they would have been able to determine that my problem was related to the connection to my house; I would have never been transferred to some foreign land of ConnecTech to be questioned over and over by incompetent techs; I would not have wasted over 4.5 hours of my time; and I would not have been charged the fee for their "expert assist".  Stay away from this AT&T service.  You are better off going to your local computer store and getting help there.

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Re: ConnecTech - Terrible Customer Service and Incompetent

Yes, tell me about it.  ATT is a total fraud. Its like you tell them something and they talk through you and act stupid.

I paid for a service charge in which the technician basically did nothing. Now they are claiming it was to install a residential gateway that I have had for three years. Really, hello??

THEY HAVE THE ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! THEY FRAUDULENTLY CHARGE YOU FOR THINGS AND THEN REFUSE TO REFUND YOUR MONEY. you get some person from India who totally condescendingly thanks you for being an ATT customer, and then refuses to do anything to help you.

I could not agree more. ATT has great products, but I am going to look elsewhere for my needs.


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Re: ConnecTech - Terrible Customer Service and Incompetent

I wish I would have read all of these complaints about U-Verse and ATT& T so-called customer service before I changed from being a 9 year DISH customer to this only 48 hours ago.  My service has been up and down starting only 12 hours after it was installed two days ago.  I'm going to return to DISH.  I didn't know how good I had it. 

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Re: ConnecTech - Terrible Customer Service and Incompetent



I sincerely apologize for your frustration. Please send me a personal message with the following:



Phone number(associated with the account)

Phone number(you can be reached at)

The best time to call


I will then escalate the issue.


Thank you,




I am an AT&T ConnecTech employee and the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent AT&T’s position, strategies or opinions.

I'm here to help with any technical issues you may have but if you need advanced ConnecTech support over the phone, please visit the
ConnecTech website or call 1-800-344-1734 (Phone support is available 8 am – 11 pm Central Time, 7 days a week)
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Re: ConnecTech - Terrible Customer Service and Incompetent

Tell me Justin what exactly does escalate the issue mean to you and what department will you try to connect to to help solve anything ?

ATT is so large of a corporation that they have completely forgotten the needs of its customers and each division of their company seems cut off from the other so naturally a transfer will solve most issues for the agent, being transferred from one agent to the next over and over , each time takes at least 15-20 min and then having to explain your situation over and over again seems what they count on so you will become so completely stressed and feel futile in your efforts that we are expected to give up is what I feel each time I call ATT for anything.