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Re: Skyrocket problems

I also have the Samsung Skyrocket.  Great phone, but battery life is a major issue.  I had to buy an extended battery back in July.  The stock battery is 1850 mAh, and the one I purchased is 3800 mAh.  Here are some tips to get the most out of your battery:

  • Upgrade your software to Jelly bean via Samsung Kies;
  • Use Power Saving Mode;
  • 4G LTE is a battery drainer - unfortunately there is not a way to turn off the LTE functionallity.  LTE speeds rocks, battery life sucks;
  • Use Airplane Mode when in a low signal area, or when you are not gonna need it for a long time.  When you are in a no coverage area or a low signal area, your device will constantly search for signal or a stronger signal;
  • Limit the amount of widgets;
  • Limit the amount of e-mail accounts you have and other applications that require sync; you can also turn down how often it syncs;
  • Adjust how long your screen timeout is;
  • Turn auto-brightness on;

I know this is a lot of things, but it will help!  Goodluck, and enjoy your Skyrocket.