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Re: Galaxy S II random shutdowns/enormous data usage

Oh yea att tells us to do exchange that its just my phone in a million having issues when thats not true as we all know.  They sent me another s II just to have the exact same problmes i had with my other on.  Shuts down, freezes, have take out battery at times just to get it to work, show i have emais, and texts after I checked them and dont, takes a minute or more to open an app and btw my new ph had only the apps that came on it so whats their excuse now.  I spoke to samsung and they know of these issuses that are happening with the ics update.  That is why they kept pulling it but no att wants to act like they dont know a thing about this so i have downloaded a bunch of videos from reporters and reputable sources articles to prove it.  Im sick of having a defective ph that i know it dont matter how many of the same ph they send me will continue to have the same problems.  ATT step up take responsibility and give me a different working phone like the note.  Stop acting like this is the first time your hearing about this.  I am sick of it.  Where is the customer service here.