Posted Nov 29, 2013
10:43:35 AM
missed outgoing calls?

Hi all,


I am a GoPhone customer and looking for my voice call history. When I log in to my account and check my voice call history, what I see is the following:

1) Incoming calls

2) Missed calls

3) Outgoing calls, but only if it charges money. In other words, only the calls when the other party, whom I called, answered.


What I am looking for is "the outgoing calls in which the other party didn't answer". In other words, part of my outgoing calls which are considered as 'missing call' for the other party. Is there any way to check this?


I would really appreciate your help.


missed outgoing calls?

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Dec 4, 2013 2:30:17 PM
Community Manager

Unfortunately, if a call is never connected and there is no charge, it basically counts as 0 minutes, like no call was made, and no record of it is stored. However they should be saved in your phone's call history.



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Re: missed outgoing calls?

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